We first built the first 3D printers as a reliable, large format machines for our creative use here in the studio. Ultimately this process created 3D printers that is great for professionals from all creative disciplines. Our printers radical design makes it intuitive and easy to use - allowing creators to focus on what to make rather than how to make it.
Budmen Builder 3D Printing
A lamp being removed from the Buildini 3D Printer

Budmen 3D Printers

We are artists and inventors and technology is at the heart of everything we do. We design and develop our own 3D printers to meet the ever increasing challenges of fabricating expressive and complex large scale works of art. Budmen 3D Printers are capable of fabricating high quality end-use objects and offer a near unlimited selection of materials for creativity flexibility.

In the Studio

Almost every creative product or work of art from our creative studio was realized using a Budmen 3D Printer. Thousands of hours spent experimenting with creative ideas and printing objects with exact dimensions have resulted in 3D Printers that are reliable, practical and easy-to-use.

Award Winning Technology

The Budmen Buildini™ 3D Printer has received international attention in the press and won "Best in Design" awards at Design Festivals.